Invincible Season 2: Every Story the Finale Sets Up

Invincible Season 2 Updates: The Invincible series, is an Amazon Prime superhero cartoon based on Robert Kirkman’s comic book of the same name. The plot of the Invincible series revolves around the son of the world’s most powerful superhero.

The final episode of season one ends with a lot of set up for the second season. Allen the Alien returns to announce that the coalition of planets is trying to gather an army big enough to take on the Viltrumites. This story alone is enough to drive an entire season given that it would take Mark to the far reaches of the universe, but there are more story seeds in the montage.

Mark run into the Sequids on Mars in invincible episode 4, “Neil Armstrong, Eat Your Heart Out” The Sequids are basically harmless on their own, but just as one attaches to a host, the alien parasites make a hive mind. The hint in the Invincible finale sets up 2 stories to continue in season invincible.

The reveal that a Martian had impersonated an astronaut in episode four in order to hitch a ride to Earth will probably resolved.

The mauler twins are jailed in the invincible season two finale. In episode 3 Robot helped the mauler Twins escape with Cecil’s help. Why did Cecil go with the plan is presently unknown?

All About Invincible Season 2

Flaxan invaders were one of Mark’s 1st major opponent in invincible. Omni-Man had little problem fighting off the army single-handed. Finale scene indicated that the Flaxan’s are still coming up with an invasion of Earth.

In invincible episode 3, Atom Eve takes down the brainsick villain Doc seismic, who has a number of funniest lines in the series. Doc seismic was last seen falling into the earth — where he seems to have recruited some rock and/or lava-based minions. no doubt the unforgettable invincible character can come seeking retribution on Eve — currently with the support of a small army.

Titan is the small villain who took the control of a criminal empire, in an attempt to “help” his neighborhood. Mark experienced a harsh life lesson thanks to Titan in Invincible episode 5, Titan achieved a significant boost in his social and financial circumstances at the cost of Mark, Black Samson and Monster Girl receiving serious injuries.

Introduced within the same episode that focused on Titan was Battle Beast, who quickly left Earth once by nearly murdering Invincible and many of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Battle Beast, a reference to the 80s toy line, is a lion-like humanlike alien who seeks a worthy opponent. Mark was simply defeated in their last meet, however if he were to come back — as the invincible finale ending shows.

In the finale of Invincible season 1, Cecil Stedman smiles as he watches D.A. Sinclair engaged on the reanimen. This can be a stark contrast to the attitude he depicted toward Sinclair once others were present.

The finale scene confirmed that the worldwide Defense Agency is actively creating a lot of these monstrosities. Cecil has been cheated before. The reveal that his exception of Sinclair’s work was performative could be a major red flag. There are more things that suggests that Cecil is going to be a villain in Invincible season 2.

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