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MCU Phase 4: Why Is Old Steve Rogers Better Than Young Steve Rogers?

Steve Rogers-

Steve Roger: Phase four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe consists of films and television series featuring characters from the marvel comics. Marvel cinematic universe is actually a group of American superhero films.

The fourth phase of MCU will be the first phase to introduce television series in association with Disney+. Phase four will be starting with 2021 through 2023. The good news is that the phase has already begun with films like Wanda Vision, which released in January 2021.

The release schedule of phase four is still struggling due to the ongoing pandemic. Till then know why old Steve is better than the young one.

Will Steve Roger Return Once Again?

At the end of Avengers: Endgame, Steve Roger aka Chris Evans passed on his caption America shield to Sam Wilson. The end made it realize and there will be no Captain America in the further sequels or phases.

Steve Rogers

But, this is good to note that Chris Evans will be featuring once again for phase 4. The official statements are yet to be declared. With the unexpected love that fans showered on the character of Captain America, it is quite clear that MCU will not disappoint its fans by not bringing Chris Evans back.

While most of the fellow avengers have already said bye to the MCU, Chris Evans has once more stepped in for the role.

Why Is Old Steve Roger Better?

The role done by Chris Evans was widely praised by both the critics and the audience. Fans are for sure waiting to witness him once again as Steve roger aka Captain America. Now, the question is –will Steve return as old Steve?

Well, there is no such information that will potentially clear answer this question. But here are some reasons why Steve should return as old Steve. The first reason is –while Chris plays old Steve it will be more likely that fans will witness his role for a long time.

Secondly, the old Steve will be much better than the young one, as he will be playing the role of a guide. Not only will he guide Captain America’s successor, falcon, but also he will be guiding the whole superhero league.

Old Steve will be better because he can play as a mentor instead of playing the role of a spy superhero. This will open the opportunity for Chris Evans to stay for a long time on the sets of MCU.

We expect Chris Evans to return as an old Steve roger. For more updates and news, stay tuned!