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MCU: Why Captain America should return(& Why It Should Be Iron Man)

Captain America

MCU Captain America: Marvel fans wondering with the recent news that Steve Rogers will be returning to MCU what would be more important for Avengers’ return: Cap’s or Iron Man’s.

As rumors emerged that Chris Evans was in talks to reprise his role as Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, in some upcoming MCU ventures, MCU fans got a shocking bit of news recently.

In view of the apparent definitive end of the journey of the character in Avengers: Endgame, some felt that the news was too good to be true. Indeed, Evans seemed to indicate that the whole story was news to him, but for many fans, the spark of excitement was already illuminated.

Of course, in Endgame, Captain America wasn’t the only hero fans to have to say goodbye to. Should it be Captain America if the MCU is getting anyone back, or is Iron Man the better choice?

Captain America time travel:-

Captain America

Time travel was a huge part of the massive Endgame story and at the end of Captain America’s journey, it played a crucial role.

The movie finishes with Cap traveling back in time to get back all the Infinity Stones, but he still ends up living with Peggy Carter in the past to live his life.

It remains a potential way to include Cap in some future adventures since the time travel aspect has been created. It might also be fun to have one more standalone film featuring Cap’s stone-back adventure and reuniting with Peggy.

Iron man flashback:-

Captain America

Just because it would be hard to pull off some potential Iron Man involvement doesn’t mean he can’t make an appearance in the past.

In a flashback appearance, there are some MCU ventures in which Tony Stark might be seen, giving fans only a little more time with the beloved hero. In Black Widow, there have been reports of one such scene.

With his mentor Tony in Spider-Man 3, Peter Parker might look back on a special moment. Eternals are also said to investigate the MCU’s past, so it would seem fitting to look at the hero who started it all.

Steve transfers his famous shield onto Sam Wilson with his last appearance in Endgame so he can pick up the mantel. As Sam comes to terms with the burden of his new role, this establishes the events of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

It would be unreasonable to make Steve return and take back the shield, but maybe he could show up as a mentor in the new Disney+ season. It seems like not everyone is going to be on board with Sam as the new Captain America, so visiting Steve as an old man and asking for some advice will be good for him.

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