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Captain America travelled back to main timeline: Avengers Endgame director drops a major truth bomb

Captain America

Captain America: It was seen that Steve Rogers (Chris Evan) is handing the shield and potentially Captain America’s mantle to Anthony Mackie’s character Sam Willian (Falcon) at the end of the Endgame film.

Joe Russo comes up with a clear explanation and clarification regarding the things that happened in the culmination of the story Arc of Captain America.

It was previously seen in the end game that Steve Rogers the character played by Chris Evans, is handing the shield and the mantle of Captain America to Anthony Mackie’s character, Sam Wilson. This scene was witnessed by the audience at the end of the endgame film.

Captain America in the main timeline

In the movie’s point of view, his character is facing old age, it is promised to him having a dance and living with his love, all against this, Hayley Atwell’s character Peggy Carter is now decided to go back to the time.

Joe, one among the Russo Brothers, who took the direction of the final two movies of the Avenger movies, also the director of two final parts of marvel’s Steve Rogers, in his discussion with Lights Camera Barstool podcast, has made things clear.

Captain America

He said that Anthony (his brother, Russo) and he have discussed and without them knowing they discussed this publicly at all. He also spelled beans on things like returning Captain America to the main timeline. This means to branch the reality; Captain America is probable to have travel back to the timeline in order to give the shield to Sam Wilson.

Because of the things that happened in Avengers, and what Thanos did, along with the Avenger’s discovery of time travel in the world of Marvel Cinematic Universe, this led to branch itself into various other realities.

So, Captain America travels to another world of reality, where he spends his 66-year life frozen in ice unconscious, till the date S.H.I.E.L.D is been discovered in the 21st century.

Then, he travels to the main timeline, in order to fulfill the responsibilities of the shield which gives to Sam. In recent times, Evans has confirmed of him returning to the Marvel Universe as Captain America.

It is not sure or maybe unlikely that he will be the headline of this new project, but we can expect him to play a supporting role or even as a mentor to the upcoming young superhero.

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