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Maluma Admits It’s ‘Very Hard’ for Him to Make Friends in the Industry


Maluma: Maluma is a Colombian singer, actor, and songwriter born on January 28, 1994. Maluma has signed on Fox Music, Sony Latin as well as on Sony Music. Basically, his songs are explained as pop and Latin trap songs.

He is one of the most famous and popular singers in Colombia. His music videos got billions of views all over the world. He is also a record producer. One of the best collections was with Shakira. He got millions of views on their music video.

Maluma said in an interview that he doesn’t like to make new friends. He likes to be friends with people who genuinely want to be his friend. He says it’s tough to make friends in the industry.

People make you feel that they are your friends but will never become genuine friends. It’s all about competing in the industry. And he likes to be friends with the people he feels comfortable with. Friends who help you when you really need them, who could offer you food when you are suffering from financial crises.

He likes to keep fewer people but genuine ones. He likes to have the quality of people instead of quantity. He said sometimes he feels people really want to be his friend but once he shows his back and then they spike me.

Maluma Friends


It’s really hard to be friends with anyone in the industry but he says he really has some genuine Friends in his life for which he feels blessed. He said this year of a pandemic may be bad for many but he spent blissful days with his parents and he spent some quality time with himself.

It’s of course a loss for his career but he spent a good time with his family in Colombia and now he is back to his work. He said he has some trusted friends in his life.

This pandemic he spent his best time though. He says it is difficult to trust new people. And he said the real friends will always feel happy for your success and we should just thank god for whatever we have and everything that has happened.

He is having a genuine friendship with Jennifer Lopez who is also his co-star in his upcoming movie ‘ Marry me’ which will release in May. He really praises the work of Jennifer Lopez and says she is someone he always comes after since he was a kid.


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