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Assisted Living: Cardi B Cast In First Leading Film Role With Comedy Assisted Living

Assisted Living 
Assisted Living 

Assisted Living Updates: Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, known professionally as Cardi B, is an American rapper, songwriter, and actress, is all set to debut as the lead in an upcoming Paramount comedy film.

According to Variety, Grammy-winning rapper Cardi B has sealed the deal by officially signing the lead role of Amber for Paramount Pictures‘ upcoming comedy film titled,’ Assisted Living.’

The top female rapper grabs her first momentous project as a lead since her acting debut in 2019’s Jennifer Lopez-led film Hustlers.

Subsequently, she will be seen in the upcoming, Universal Pictures The Fast & Furious franchise, F9 which is set to release in May 2021.

All About Assisted Living 

Assisted Living 
Assisted Living

As per the sources, the film is characterized as an a’ raucous comedy with a tremendous heart’. Overall the film focuses on the character of Amber, a small-time crook who finds herself in a tricky situation, when a heist goes wrong, in order to escape from cops, and the former crew she strives for a place to hide, running out of choices she disguises herself as an elderly woman and hides out in her grandmother’s assisted living facility.

The film is based on the original spec script written by Kay Oyegun, known for shows like ‘This is Us’ and’  Queen Sugar’. Assisted Living is being associated with classic comedies like Sister Act and Mrs. Doubtfire. Paramount Pictures have the legal rights for the screenplay. Whereas Temple Hill and Stephen Love are allocated as the Producers.

Certainly, all Cardi B fans aka ‘Bardigang’ are extremely excited to see her onscreen.

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