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Netflix’s What If Season 2: Renewal Status & Much More


What If Season 2 Update: What If is an American spine-chiller dramatization made by Mike Kelley. It was released on May 24, 2019, on Netflix. It’s a compilation of stories that tells each and every choice of life is critical, and a single wrong choice will totally pivot your life. The sho again comes into the spotlight due to season 2.

In a new meeting, Mike Kelley gave us a clue about season 2, and the shooting will start very soon. He additionally indicated that the plot of season 2 is altogether new and there is no co-connection with season 1. 

The dramatization will be based on ethics, and you can use them in reality. The main season comprises 10 episodes, and every scene is around 1 hrs. Season 1 carries incredible virtues which are also expected in the following season. 

The Plot of What if Season 2 

The plot of the next season of What If is a secret, and this evokes curiosity among the fans to understand what’s happening straightaway. The showrunner, Mike Kelley, obviously determines that the following season is an altogether new excursion, with no connection from the main season. 

He guarantees that the show consistently carries certain profound moral inquiries by and by, which is relatable to reality. It will assist the viewers and furthermore improve the hugeness of viewing the film. 

What If Season 2

The power of the show will certainly increment in the subsequent season dealing with the ethics. 

Mike Kelley guarantees that the various characters of the show will expand the flavors in the storyline. 

The Trailer of the show

The trailer of What If season 2 isn’t delivered at this point but it’s coming soon. There is no affirmation on the show yet. 


The IMDB rating of the period is 6.3 out of 10. The spine-chiller show doesn’t get a decent reaction from the pundits yet enough cherished by the viewers to make the spin-off of the film. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the closure of what/if? 

Toward the finish of What/if season 1 Dr. Ian Harris (Dave Annable) went to a vegetative state because of the headshot given by a pregnant Angela (Samantha Marie Ware). In the What/If finale, Ian completes his main goal of capturing Angela while tying Todd up in his cellar. Todd got away and to follow his better half and Ian to an emptied lodge in the backwoods. 

Where would we be able to watch season 1? 

We can watch What If season 1 on Netflix and other streaming platforms. 

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