The Expanse Season 6: Will we have the Sequle?

The Expanse Season 6 Updates: The 5th season of “The Expanse” has just started and season 6 should be the last of the series. But showrunner Shankar is now giving fans hope for a sequel.

The 5th season of ” The Expanse ” hadn’t even appeared yet, as Amazon extended the series for a 6th and final season.

Now showrunner Naren Shankar is hoping for another sequel. Because there is still more to tell, as Shankar confirmed to

The Expanse Season 6: Will there be a sequel?

The Expanse Season 6 everyd etails

“The Expanse” is based on the books by James SA Corey (a pseudonym of the author’s Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck). There are 9 books in total. The 9th will appear in 2021.

Each season of the series so far has covered one book. So the 6th season will show the 6th book.

Showrunner Shankar said, “Look, there is a natural ending at the end of Book 6 that closes this chapter of the show as well as the big story, but also leaves the door open for more to come later.”

A continuation is therefore quite possible, but this will probably not take place at Amazon.

The Expanse: how does season 6 end?

Showrunner Shankar also commented on the end of the 6th season. He and the two authors of the books would have discussed the end of the series for years.

Shankar told, “If we only had six seasons, would we be able to get to the end? Would we be able to do something satisfactory in the end? And we all thought it was perfectly possible.”

The Expanse 6 Possible Release Date

When the 6th season will appear has not yet been determined. The 5th season of “The Expanse” started on December 16, 2020 on Amazon Prime Video, so season 6 could wait for us at the end of 2021.

The plot

Nothing is known about the plot of the new season either. Since “The Expanse” has always been based on the book, this should be the case again this time.

The only thing that is certain is that the story of Alex Kamal will come to an end in season 5, as actor Cas Anvar is not returning for season 6.

There are no trailers or pictures for the new season yet. As soon as filming begins and the first set pictures are published, you will find them here.

The Expanse: cast

Much of the main cast will return for the final sixth season. Only Cas Anvar will no longer be seen in his role as Alex Kamal, as several women accuse him of sexual harassment.

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