The Expanse Season 6: Alex’s Death & Story Changes Explained

The Expanse Season 6 Updates: The Expanse, at the end of season 5 the audience can witness great changes in the storyline which includes Alex Kamal’s sudden exit from the show.

The audience has faced huge shocks with the new storyline including Earth’s near-decimation, showing alien villains who were waited for a long time, suit-free leap into space of Naomi, keeping all of them aside, the major shock was the demise of Alex Kamal.

Alex is the character which is played by Cas Anvar, this character is one among the ill fate who were spirited onto Martian gunship which later becomes Rocinante.

Alex is listed as an important component of James Holden’s crew with him as the resident pilot. Demeanor which he laid back is more a common remedy Amos Burto’s aggression, Naomi Nagata’s fire, and also his captain’s passion.

In the journey of the 4 seasons of this series, we can see Alex’s is glorified from a bus driver into some calm presence who cares about the friend’s needs rather than his own troubles.

The Expanse fans are always hoping for the development of this character in the further coming seasons of this series that is season 5, but unfortunately, all the hopes went down and this was quite a shock to the Expanse fans.

It was into the news in the times of June 2020, that number of women came forward to complain of misconduct and harassment cases on Cas Anvar’s part. Maybe as a result of this, the 5th season of the Expanse which aired on the later year has killed the Alex character suddenly. But this part of the TV series does not match with the story of the book.

The Expanse Season 6: How did Alex die in the series?

If we talk about the death of Alex is in the series it is seen that it is intentional though this death scene was ambiguous. In order to rescue Noami who is floating in the space freely, Bobbie Draper goes out of the Razorback, where Alex is already deceased upon her return.

The directors show only the single scene of Alex, where the audience finds him to be lifeless and the drops of the blood float in the space where James Holden was left with the suspense to reveal his death.

Then he says to Naomi that the death of Alex was by stroke. So, if we speak of the series Alex dies in order to save Naomi.

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