The Expanse: Marco’s Grand scheme finally acknowledged by Amazon.

The Expanse Update: The Expanse is an American Science Fiction series which is based on a series of the novel by the same name and written by James S.A. Corey and the series is created by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby.

The series is set in the future where humans already colonized the Solar system, based on the conflict of three human factions: Earth, Mars, and the Belt. The series is critically acclaimed for its Outstanding Visuals, character development, and the very political style of narration.

The series produced and financed by Alcon Entertainment, sold its three seasons to Syfy which canceled it in May 2018. Since then, Amazon Prime Video is the new home for the series which very recently in November 2020 renewed the series for its sixth and final seasons.

Episode 7, “oyedeng” of season 5 finally reveals how Marco, who is the antagonist in season 5, and his grand scheme to free the belters that are buying the Martian technology by giving away protomolecules has been finally acknowledged by Amazon.

The Expanse Season 6: Update

The Expanse Season 6 everyd etails

Season 5 of the series is all about Marco’s rise to free the belters and planning to attack on earth, which can lead to massive devastation. In order to need to acquire Martian Technology and he is lacking the resources to afford it.

The belt comprises colonies on stations and asteroids in space and is dependent on Earth for food because of which they now become an indentured servant class.

As season 5 episode 7 is based mainly on Naomi, it does feature a small but key segment in which Holden and Monica are discussing Marco’s intentions of attacking and funding the operation by offering protomolecules to a wealthy independent party.

In the episode, Alex and Bobbie finally connect with Avasarala and Holden and relays information about the Martian Technology and how possibly Marco must be funding his operations.

Monica suggested that he is not money but something of value for affording Martian Technology, she also points out on scientist Paolo Cortázar being abducted who was researching protomolecules, and also questions who else wants to harm earth?

Who could be funding Marco’s operation, is still a mystery but it is quite possible that it is Jules-Pierre Mao, who sacrificed his most favorite daughter, Julie for the sake of a project as he knows no limit for his research and projects and is very invested in the protomolecule research.

Another candidate could be Anderson Dawes, who has a similar motivation to Marco, and also he was the only one who helped Cortázar from Tycho.

There will be many twists and turns, so tune in to get more.

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