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Breaking News Dixie D’ Amelio and Charli Cast in a Hulu Reality Series

Dixie D' Amelio and Charli
Dixie D' Amelio and Charli

Dixie D’ Amelio: D’Amelio is a TikTok star who got a chance to cast in July series with Charli along with her parents, Mom Heidi, and dad Marc it will on screen in 2021 on Hulu.

D’Amelio follows the sovereign family of social media. Following the statement, and will increase the reputation of the family, all while becoming true to their family merit.

D’ Amelio Family about Hulu

D’Amelio’s family member says that we are too thrilled to join the Hulu family it will be an achievement to our family said, Marc. This series made our family even more strong and closer and understand better. We are excited to join. Many people create bad content about our family on social media we do not take that content personally. They request fans to don’t listen to them.

Two years back the D’Amelio family was unknown to the city. But now they got 100 million fans for their every step on social media. Every teenager wants to become famous on social media but it happens only when the present hits – said Belisa. VP of Documentaries at Hulu said that we are excited to a partnership with D’Amelio and we are sure that they attract viewers for sure.

What Dixie D’ Amelio and Charli Have to say?

Dixie D' Amelio and Charli
Dixie D’ Amelio and Charli

Gradually D’Amelio family become very popular they signed to Hulu within a week they signed to Kardashian-Jenners to a multi-year deal to content to the brand.

Charlie is 19 years old at this young age she becomes Tiktok’s number one star. She got 150 million followers combined. Her sister 19 years old Dixie, is also popular she got 78 million followers combined and does a separate YouTube channel it is also fast growing. We are doing a shoot to let everyone get to know us a small bit more closely. We are in the making of shooting it right now.

For sure something is going to be happening great and super fun. Charlie tells ET’s daily news peoples to see only what we upload on TikTok and posts. I think not everyone gets our theme in TikTok but we upload a family-based theme they are supporting our family and talk about his pretty cool. D’Amelio earlier year hinted about their family series.

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