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Trey Songz is trolled for hosting a 500-person indoor “Champagne Saturdays”

Trey Songz
Trey Songz

Trey Songz: Despite admitting to taking precautions after being positive for COVID-19. The rapper packed an Ohio nightclub for a concert – and fans dragged him over this ‘clown’ move!

Trey Songz is trolled for hosting a 500-person indoor “Champagne Saturdays” at the Aftermath night club in Columbus, Ohio. During the event on December 5,  500 people occupied the 15,000-square foot space to watch Trey, 36, perform. Undercover agents termed the crowd “maskless”.

The crowd opted not to follow the Covid-19 guideline and the club’s disorganized ambiance supported their disobedience.  Trey resulted positive in October after he lost his grandfather to the disease.

After OIU agents arrived at the scene at about 9.30 pm on Saturday, the nightclub – called Aftermath. He was in charge of unlawful conduct – disruptive activities. In a press released by the OIU, agents claim to have witnessed “egregious violations of health orders. As approximately 500 people inside attended a concert”. Authorities say that no social distance was under creation, no one was wearing masks. And also, no nightclub safety regulations were in place.

Trey Songz: Twitter started to flood after the concert visuals aired on social media.

Trey Songz
Trey Songz

Patrons were standing, walking freely, and sharing alcoholic beverages. Directly from the same bottle as they were passing between groups during the event.

Due to the misbehavior in the concert, the club was cited for “improper conduct and disorderly activities”.  The incident is being undertaken in the Ohio Liquor Control Commission for investigations and potential penalties.

Trey in an official Instagram video on December 5th revealed his test result. And announced that he will be selfly quarantining at home and will get himself tested regularly as he has a small kid at home.

In October, Trey, whose real name is Tremaine Aldon Neverson, also went to Instagram to announce that the results of his coronavirus test were positive again. The singer said that he would take his diagnosis “seriously” particularly after losing his grandfather earlier this year to the deadly bug.

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