Did Blueface beat Neuman in BKFC 19 ?

Blueface Updates: Finally, the most awaited results are out..! Jonathan Michael Porter, whose nickname is Blueface is a well-known rapper and songwriter. He is well-known for his unique voice and offbeat style of rapping. Find the Beat (2020), Dirty Bag (2019), Two Coccy (2018) are some of the albums of Blueface. He used to play football and helped his team to win the East Valley Championship in 2014.

Kane Trujillo is also known as Neuman is a  Tiktok who hosts more than two million followers on Tiktok.Now the star goes by the name @kane on TikTok. He used to upload several videos on TikTok regarding his practicing sessions.

As Blueface is a YouTube Star and Neuman a TikTop star, The fight was nicknamed YouTube versus Tiktok. The boxing match was on 23 July 2021 which was under BKFC (Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship).

Blueface Vs Neuman

The Mirror

Everyone was curiously waiting for the match. After the first two rounds, it became sure that he will be the winner, but Neuman tried all ways to beat him up.

He was very strong and he always made sure that he did not give up. Even, before the fight ended he hit Neuman several times and made sure that he is the strongest.

Both of them seemed to be quite confident and gave it their all, but he never gave a chance for Neuman a moment to shine.

Blueface also opened to TMZ about his fight with Kane and told him “I’ve only been eating grilled and baked stuff lately. Yeah, I’m on a diet and everything. I ain’t been smoking, drinking, nothing.”

Blueface also released a song title named TikTok which is available on Spotify and YouTube music.

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