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Millie Bobby Brown Team Plans to Take Action Against Hunter Echo

Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown Updates: TikTok Hunter Echo, whose real last name is Ecimovic in a recent Livestream claimed he had had sex with Millie Brown, the star of “Stranger things”. In a statement sent to Teen Vogue, Browns’ representative described Ecimovic as “dishonest” and “offensive” and also said that they intended to act against him.

After a Livestream Instagram on July 12, Ecimovic referred to him having sex with Brown when she was only 16 and when he was 20. He also testified that he believed that she was in love with him and that her parents were aware of the relationship.

Soon the photos of both kissing leaked (Ecimovic giving Millie Bobby Brown a kiss on her cheek)

Ecimovic also stated that he ‘groomed ‘ Brown and he lived at her home for eight months. He also said that whatever he was doing was illegal.

Millie Bobby Brown shared about Legal Actions

Millie Bobby Brown
Teen Vogue

During the course of  Livestream Ecimovic also said that “He will never apologize- I hope you know that and I have nothing to apologize for “. Ecimovic’s Instagram and TiKtTok accounts both have been deactivated. Ecimiovic had boasted of 1.6 million followers on TikTok

Mill‘s reps told  TMZ that “Instead of any public discourse through social media with him, they will ensure that he stops this behavior once and for all”. While Browns’ representatives didn’t comment on their relationship.

Later in a  Tiktok video, Ecimovic apologized for what he was saying that “should never have happened in the first place”. However, the apology was recorded and posted on YouTube.On the Livestream, Ecimovic said that what he said was immature, and considers that everything is fabricated.

Before deactivating his Account on Instagram and TikTok Ecimovic himself told that he never groomed her and never forced her to like him as reported by Insider.

According to TMZ, currently, there are no investigations against Ecimovic.

Brown recently is spending time with Jake Bongiovi, the 19-year-old son of Bon Jovi rocker Jon Bon Jovi.