Undercover Season 2 Ending, Explained and Much more

Undercover Season 2 Updates: The characters of the return TV shows have a way of making you feel like you are reuniting with old friends. People you have never met in a while and may not like what they have become.

But there is always this idea of ​​kind anticipation every time the next series returns with a brand new season.

The emergence of a sloppy game expands the area under first season crime by introducing new features. At this point, the hidden duo is following the illegal arms dealers who pretend to be poor and own owners of livestock. The scope is wide, the stakes are high, and the road to justice is very narrow and dangerous.

The premiere of the blasted season sets a very good tone throughout the series. It opens with a meeting between Belgian secret agent Bob Lemmens (Tom Waes) and former Dutch official Kim De Rooij (Anna Drijver).

Apparently, they had not seen each other for at least a few years. Kim now works as a human rights reporter based in Brussels and reports on illegal arms dealers smuggling weapons from Ukraine to Syria. Kim asks Bob to track down a cell phone number, as it was later revealed, which he found in Ukraine.

Since the end of the first season, life has moved on for both of them. They are so happy to see each other and lovingly remember their time together.

It is at this point that you begin to believe that the two will once again embark on a covert operation, investigated by the show’s Nico Moolenaar, and his authors in the document. Kim was shot by motorcyclists and later died.

Undercover Season 2 Kim’s Death 

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Kim’s death puts Bob on a path of revenge for the people facing him. Initially, authorities suspect that imprisoned Dutch king Ferry Bouman (Frank Lammers) is responsible for this, but Bob follows the clues he had given Kim with a tractor earlier and visits a horse farm called El Dorado.

There, he meets its colorful owner, the cowboy-culture aficionado Laurent Berger (Wim Willaert), and is later introduced to his brutal brother Jean-Pierre “JP” (Sebastien Dewaele). The Berger family runs an arms smuggling business that includes Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Bob and his former boss Nick Janssens (Manou Kersting) teamed up with Patrick Dierickx (Jeroen Van der Ven) to bring down the Bergers by infiltrating their organization with invisible staff.

In prison, Bouman lives alone and plans to retaliate. When she learns that Danielle (Elise Schaap) has cheated on her and Kim, she begins to lose her temper. However, he soon returns to his cold and self-consciousness and decides to use that piece of information to get himself out of jail.

Many of the plot twists come together in the last two episodes of ‘Undercover’ to give the series a satisfying conclusion. After Kim’s death, the series introduced a new female character, Nathalie Geudens (Ruth Becquart). A former drug addict, he has a son named Jackson (Celest Henri Cornelis) and Laurent, although the child does not know who his father is. She works at Laurent’s bar and is forced to raise her son in her family.

Nathalie is always aware of JP’s illegal actions but learns about Laurent’s involvement in Bob and Nick’s involvement. Eager to find a way out of Bergers’ and her son’s plight, he agrees to help Bob with his work.

Nathalie is a combination of both Kim and Danielle. All of his actions throughout the season, both assisting the police and working under Bergers, stemmed from his need to keep his son safe.

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