Undercover season 2 Release Date, Synopsis, Cast, Trailer And More

Watchers of the Dutch-language crime drama series Undercover adored the first season. And, Undercover season 2 will be premiering real soon. Read on to know more about the release date, synopsis, cast, and more.

For those who might not know, Undercover is actually adapted from real events in the Netherlands. Cops in an undercover mission infiltrate into a drug lord’s territory. They disguising themselves as a couple at the campsite where he goes through his ends of the week.

Our protagonist includes Bob Lemmens (played by Tom Waes) and her accomplice Kim de Rooij (played by Anna Drijver).

Despite the fact that season one debuted on Eén in February of 2019 in Belgium, the show became available for streaming worldwide on Netflix on May 3, 2019. The second season of the Belgian-Dutch show is set to debut soon.

Here’s every detail you need about Undercover season 2.

Undercover season 2 release date

As per an official statement from Netflix, season two of Undercover will debut in the Netherlands on September 6. While there are clashing reports out there on whether this launch date will be the same in the USA, the official trailer from Netflix’s YouTube account says it will be delivered on November 8.

Synopsis of Undercover season 2


As detailed by some fans and media, the plot of season 2 will be moving from the events of season 1. While season 1 generally centered around the illicit drug exchange, season 2 will see Kim and Bob on a totally different path where the unlawful arms exchange has turned crazy.

As seen from the trailer, which we’ll talk about soon, we can safely say that the focal point of season 2 will be the illicit weapons exchange in Belgium.

Cast: who will return?

Undercover includes a talented cast, featuring Tom Waes as Bob Lemmens and Anna Drijver as Kim De Rooij.

Other cast members are Frank Lammers, Elise Schaap, Raymond Thiry, Robbie Cleiren, Lieke van nook Broek, and Sara De Bosschere, among others.

All the main cast members will be getting back to play their respective roles in season 2.

Undercover season 2 trailer

You can watch the trailer for season 2 of Undercover here. It would appear that things are warming up this season!

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