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The Silent Sea: Gong Yoo, Lee Joon and Bae Doona, star in upcoming mystery thriller series

The Silent Sea
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The Silent Sea Updates: This series follows a group of people sent to the moon to pick up a complex sample from an abandoned research station.

The Korean actors have been announced in The Silent Sea, with stars Bae Doona, Gong Yoo, and Lee Joon playing the lead.

The series is based on the Waterless World, and it follows a team of people sent in a campaign to collect a complex sample at the Balhae Base research station on the moon and investigate the accident that took place there.

King, Sense8, and Stanger star Doona play astronomer Dr Song Ji-an, while Train to Busan’s Gong Yoo plays test team leader Han Yun-jae. My father is a Strange actor Lee Joon circling the main characters as chief engineer Captain Ryu Tae-seok, a senior member of the National Department of Defense who volunteered a mission to escape the knocking environment of the ministry.

The series will be directed by Choi Hang Yong, a filmmaker behind a short film with the same name. The show will be written by Park Eun-kyo, who wrote a screenplay for Bong Joon-Ho’s mother. King Actor Jung Woo-sung will be working as a major producer.

The Silent Sea
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Silent Sea will be released worldwide on Netflix, or the release date has yet to be announced.

“Quiet Sea” also called “Sea of ​​Peace” is a science fiction science series for Netflix Korean Original.

Gong Yoo is the lead actor. Gong Yoo is the main character in Hallyu who starred in the plays “Coffee Prince” (2007) and “Goblin” (2016). He also starred in the popular movie “Train to Busan” (2016).

Bae Doona is the lead actor. He has previously starred in the popular Netflix drama “Kingdom” and the movies “Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance” (2002), “The Host” (2006), “Air Doll” (2009), and more.

Lee Joon is part of the cast, it will be his first play since his release and his first drama since “My Unusual Father” (2017).

Based on a short film by Choi HangYong released in 2014 with the same title. He was chosen as the director of the game. Actor and director Jung WooSung has been instrumental in producing the drama.

It occurs in a dystopian world where the future world lacks water and food due to global desertification. It tells the story of elite agents who went to an abandoned research center this month to collect unambiguous samples.

All the Actors in The Silent Sea

Gong Yoo as Han Yoon Jae

He is a team leader and a soldier from the space station. He will lead the team with enthusiasm and outstanding skills.

Bae DooNa as Dr. Song JiAhn

He is an astronomer. He joins a team investigating the cause of the accident at a research center-left a month ago.

Lee Joon as Captain Ryu TaeSeok

Talented engineer. He is a senior official from the Department of National Defense. He decided to volunteer for a dangerous mission because he was bored by keeping quiet in the Department.

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