Undercover Season 2 Reviews: Synopsis and Season 3 possibilities

Undercover Season 2 Reviews:  The Belgian-Dutch detective series has been debuted on Netflix which stars Tom Eaes, Anna Drijver, and Frank Lammers. The Series is a binge-watch, the fans can watch all the episodes at once. The Undercover Cop will return with new cases and new drama.

What to Expect from Undercover Season 2?

The Undercover is inspired by real-life events, the main job behind the undercover agent is to eliminate drug providers in the Netherlands. The job is being done by Undercover Agents named Bob Lemmens and Kin Rooij.

Season 2 will feature the story after the events of Season 1. The two Agents will fight against the Drug Dealer Ferry Bouman, The season will be based on the arrest of van W, the infamous worldwide drug dealer.

Because the Agent’s Ferry is behind the bars, and his wife struggles with her teenage daughter. Her investigation with human rights NGO leads her to the Belgian countryside, Then Bob comes to help her in dealing with brothers living on the ranch.

Undercover Season 2 Release Date & The Spoilers

Season 2 of the show has been released and it is available to binge-watch on the OTT platform. On November, 8th of 2020 the show is available to watch.
The sources have speculated that the plot will loosely be based on true events, Bob and Kim will again after the drug lord on an international basis.


Who is returning to SEASON 2?

Frank Lammers will return as Ferry the drug lord, Elise Schaap will be playing his wife, Danielle. Anna Drijver & Tom Waes will also return with their characters. The new cast will be Wim Willaert and Sebastien Dewaele as the two brothers who are in a web of weapon-smuggling.  Fans are quite excited about Season 2 of  Undercover. Here are a few tweets of fans:



Is there the Trailer Available for Season 2?

The Trailer of  Undercover Season 2 is available on youtube. Season 2 has arrived on Netflix on 8th Nov 2020.

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