Undercover Season 2: When can we get the release date & Everything we know so far

Undercover Season 2 Updates: The audience just cannot resist appreciating the primary season of the Dutch drama television series, Undercover. The second season of Undercover will release around the end of this year. The authority of Netflix synopsis. It operates invade a medication head Houcho’s activity. Just by acting like a couple at the campsite, where he usually visits during weekends. Bob Lemmens and Kim de Took are the fundamental characters of Undercover by Netflix.

Undercover Season 2 Release Date: 

Although the first and primary season of Undercover by Netflix debuts in February 2019 in Belgium. The production for the upcoming season starts back in 2019 by Netflix. But it has to face several impacts of the Corona pandemic like the whole entertainment industry. But according to some source, the second and upcoming season of this Dutch drama may release soon. Going through the official confirmation by Netflix.


The upcoming deacons season of Undercover will land on the screens in late 2020. Although the official trailer available on YouTube and other platforms point something different. According to the trailers the second season of Undercover will release on 8 November 2020. Now it will be interesting to watch how the show manages its release in Corona times.

Undercover Season 2: 

According to our sources and official reveals by production heads. The plot and storyline of the second season will move forward from the climax of the first season. As season one already centers on illicit medication exchanges.

Season two or upcoming season will witness him and Bod with different existences. The place where unlawful as an exchange will take a crazy turn. The fundamental script of the second season will focus majorly on Illiut weapons exchange in Belgium. Whatever be the plot, the thing is clear that it will bring more thrill and entertainment to the audience and fans.

The cast of the show

As the upcoming season will be a sequel, so most of the previous cast will reprise their roles. This time stars will include. Elise Schaap, Anna Drijver, Raymond Thiry, Tom Waes, Frank Lammers. Robbie Cleven, Manou Kersting, Hulib Smit, Sara De Bosschere, Katrien De Ruhsscher, Lieke Van Cave Broek. Many other supporting cast members will have their hands in making the season successful.

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