Dark Desire Season 1 Repeated & What to expect from season 2

Dark Desire is one of the most steamy and fascinating thriller series. It is a Spanish Netflix original that features a girl who starts having an affair so as to get back her spouse. Fast forward to 18 episodes later, surprisingly mothers and daughters are acquiring the same lovers and the brothers fall in affection with the same woman but everyone has their theory for one very absurd death that happened. It is a great deal altogether. Read below to accumulate a few details on the series.

Will we be having Dark Desire Season 2?

Whether we will be having a second season, we can not say from now, as it is too early. However, we just received the steamy trailer on Netflix on, July 15. Netflix is totally silent on the topic as to whether a new, season 2 is creeping behind.

Since Dark Desires is a greatly appreciated series and captures a place among the Top 10 Netflix titles in the US. So taking into consideration all these things, we can consider that we shall be getting another new season.

When will the Dark Desire Season 2 premiere? 

Dark Desire Season 2

Well, the Season 1 of Dark Desire crept from May of 2019 until it was released in July 2020. So a close study of the timeline tells us that it takes around a year for new episodes of a series. In case if we are having a new season, we are going to get the fresh new episodes by 2021 or 2022.

How did the show end?

The ending saw Brenda’s (María Fernanda Yepes) death. Though everyone took the death as a suicide, Brenda’s lover former lover Esteban (Erik Hayser), and her best friend Alma (Maite Perroni), were reluctant enough to accept this very happening.

This created a very intricated, conspiracy theory. However, the fact is that Brenda took her own life. That too because the man she loved married her best friend and even the man who was a substitute hookup was also eyeing her best friend.

Brenda committed suicide because she wasn’t reciprocated. Also, we see Antonio killing himself prior to the re-writing of the will. Thus Dario became the successor to his grandfather’s huge property.  It ended with Alma moving apart from her husband Leonardo. So we can expect season 2 to pick up where the first season was dropped.

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