Best Action Thrillers Coming on Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Amazon and Hulu in February 2022

Best Action Thrillers on the OTT Platforms in the Month of February Netflix, Disney plus, Hulu & Amazon Prime. The month of February is around the corner and the viewers are looking for new content especially in the joiner of crime thrillers, which is going to get released on the OTT platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and Disney plus.

In order to calm the curiosity level and enthusiasm of the viewers, here is a list of all crime thrillers series going to get released in the month of February.

There is a long list of lined-up shows on the favorite OTT platforms and their trailers are almost out for the viewers to check and make their list of preferences. With originals from every service and a horde of additional library titles, there is no shortage of exciting streaming opportunities next month.


This OTT platform is coming up with a long list of crime thriller series which will be streamed from February 2022. The series includes: –

Dark Desire

The action thriller, movie has returned back with its second season on Netflix.  Maite Perroni and Alejandro Speitzer had a great chemistry on-screen. The first season was a huge hit and had fans pan world and now the show is back again with season 2.

The first season was aired in the year 2020 and it got so famous that the director had to work on its sequel son after it got released. In Season 1, College professor Alma Soares was in love with Dario, who was a much younger man than her, after she came to know that her husband was cheating on her. But her choice instead of leading to peace, she was pulled into another problem.

The second season will show Dario’s effort of winning Alma’s heart. But the tailor seems to put the viewers under suspense as Dario had also been shown with another woman.  Season 2 will be all about Dario’s revenge and love and also about Alma hiding her feelings for Dario.

Fistful of Vengeance

It is a movie based on martial arts going to release on Netflix. The movie is a remake of a martial art series released in 2019 named Wu Assassins.

The storyline is that a team of people who have lost their loved ones has united to take revenge. A mission becomes a fight to save the world from an ancient threat when superpowered assassins find that the villain is in Bangkok.

The Bourne Ultimatum

The movie was released in the year 2007 now it is now going to be streamed on Netflix. It is one of the most loved movies of that time.  The movie was directed by Paul Greengrass and the story was taken from a novel of the same name written by Robert Ledlum in the year 1990.

The story is about a trained assassin, who travels the world to get rid of his past and to build a new future but the trials of his past never left him. Matt Damon played the lead role and the movie was a blockbuster hit of that time.

As the movie was a masterpiece of its time, Netflix had decided to make the movie part of its list and so it is releasing the movie on the OTT platform on February 1.

Young Wallander: Killer’s Shadow (Season II)


The story has been taken from a very famous novel ‘Kurt Wallander Mystery,’ written by Henning Mankell, in which a Swedish detective solves a murder mystery.  After Kurt leaves the police force, he joins a major crime unit where he works on an unsolved murder mystery and tries to resolve it.

While resolving the case, Kurt came across many such people who can prove dangerous not only to him but also to his career but he was still determined to resolve the case.

The Foreigner

The movie was released in the year 2017 and the story is about a man who owns a restaurant in London. His daughter died because of the mistake of some politically -motivated terrorist. The man was in search of those terrorists and wanted to take revenge for the death of his daughter.

New York Prison Break the Seduction of Joyce Mitchell

The movie was produced by Lifetime Television in the year 2017 and the story is all about a woman, a mother of three children, who was serving prison despite being innocent. She was manipulated by her two prison mates to break the jail and flee for a free life.

The Last Samurai (2003)

The movie was released in 2003 and it was a super-duper hit of its time. The movie is all about a man named Captain Nathan Algren who had been hired by the Japanese army to train the soldiers to fight against Samurai, but the story twists when he gets arrested by the samurai. The man instead of hating them loved their culture and embraced it

Peaky Blinders (Season 6)


Peaky Blinders Season 6 is going to release on Netflix in the month of February.  It is a gangster series and Season 5 of the show was released in the year 2019.  The story is about a dangerous man Tommy Shelby, who is the leader of a gang based in Birmingham.  The story is all about how Tommy continues to be a gangster by fooling the police who is after the gang.

Donnie Brasco

The movie was released in the year 1997 and the story was about an undercover FBI agent who investigated five crime families of New York and help to bring it down. John Deep was in the lead role.


This OTT platform is coming up with a long list of crime thriller series which will be streamed from February 2022. The series includes: –

Fistful of Dollars

The movie was released in the year 1964 and was directed by Sergio Leone. The story is all about a man who comes into a town and takes full advantage of the rivalry between two enemies. The man despite the threat to his life played for both sides to his advantage.

Amazon is going to add this masterpiece movie to its collection from February 2022. The people who search for old movies can also find some masterpieces in the collection of Amazon.

Die Hard

This is another masterpiece movie; Amazon is going to add to its collection from the month of February 2022. The movie was released in the year 1988 and was directed by John Mac Tiernan. It was a blockbuster hit and the people were crazy to see the movie.

The story is all about a detective man John McClane came to celebrate Christmas with his estranged wife in LA. However, he learns about a hostage situation in an office building and his wife is one of the hostages.


Another action thriller movie was released in 2010 directed by Robert Luketic. The film is all about a young woman who falls in love with a man, who is an undercover assassin After three years into marital bliss, they learn that they are being stalked by hired killers.

Other masterpiece action-thriller movies amazon prime is going to add to its list are:-

Live Free or Die Hard


The movie was released in 2007 and the movie is about an FBI agent he had been assigned with a work of tracking down a hacker. To complete the assignment, he takes the help of a professional hacker who helps him. The agent not only caught the hacker but also made the professional hacker one of his good friends.


The movie was released in the year 1988 and it is a story in which a cop, who was injured in an ambush but he was later retrieved with the help of machine but as result, he turned into a cyborg and all his memories were erased.


 The movie was released in the year 1986. the story focus on a platoon of the American army who while fighting with the Vietnam army lost their lives.


This OTT platform is coming up with a long list of crime thriller series which will be streamed from February 2022. The series includes: –

  • Fight Club
  • The accused
  • Universal Soldier: the return
  • Encounter: Complete Season 1

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