Dark Desire Ending Explained and What does it mean to Season 2?

Dark Desire Season 2 Updates: One of the top 10 Netflix Originals –‘Dark Desire’ is a thriller drama web television series. The mysterious series with a mysterious end has left the audience bamboozled.

With the brothers falling for the same girl and with mysterious deaths, where everyone builds their own complicated theories, Dark Desire is one the most thrilling and exciting series to watch.

With The Best Of Cast And Crew

Spanish language Netflix Original’s Dark desire is produced by Argos communications and is created by Leticia Lopez Margalli. The series is written by Nayura Aragon, Leticia Lopez Margalli, and Gennys Perez.

It is directed by Epigmenio Ibava and Kenya Marquis, with the most exceptional cast like Maile Perrozi as Alma Solares, Erik Hauser as Esteban Solares, Alejandro Spitzer as Dario Guerra, Jorge Poza as Leonardo Solares, Maria Fernanda Yepes as Brenda Castillo. The series has already secured its place in the top 10 Netflix series even after being a non-English series.

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The Dark Reasons Behind The Confusing Ending

The thriller series ended with a whole lot of drama, with Brenda’s death. Earlier it was ruled as a suicide, but her former lover Esteban and best friend Alma refuses to accept this and they build their own complicated theories relating to Brenda’s death.

Afterward, it comes out to be a suicide-Brenda taking her own life. The reason was that she was sleeping with Esteban (former lover) and also with the husband of her best friend (Leonardo).

The love tangle does not stop here. Esteban is seen falling in love with his brother’s wife Alma. So, it is clear that Brenda was the victim of unthank love which was the reason why she took her own life.

More confusion is added with the story of Dario. Dario’s grandfather is a millionaire with two sons, Antonio and Alberto. Alberto was denied of his father’s fortune which makes him join a corrupt cop Esteban, who helps Alberto to frame Antonio as a murderer of Delgado.

So, now Alberto was chosen as the keeper of his father’s will. But things go totally wrong! Antonio kills himself before rewriting the will, which leaves Dario as heir to grandfather’s vast fortune. Then the death of Dario makes it more complicated for the audience.

Expecting Dark Desire Season 2?

The dark desire was released on 15 July 2020, while its production was announced on 9 May 2019. This suggests it took nearly a year to make the series.

So, it is expected to witness the second season in 2021 or 2022. The Mexican thriller with 18 episodes, cut to season 1, is expected for the second season to release soon.