Borderlands 3: Pre Sequel Ignores The Best Part of the Game

Boderlands 3
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Borderlands 3 Updates: Borderlands 3 is out for almost one year and manages to reveal four full story expansions. Along with several seasonal events. The currently available content gives plenty of opportunities for several characters.

These are an integrated part of the game and its story. Even the smallest of the characters get a chance to show their excellence. The second season pass will surely have complete Borderlands 3 content.

This upcoming pass is just on its way to release. The second pass will surely explore much more in this loot and shoot the universe of Borderlands 3.

But the thing to notice is that the cliffhanger from Borderlands: Pre sequel. Although the press sequel part of Borderlands does not have many positive reviews. All the changes made in this Australian origin game just seems to be less polished and not properly furnished.

The best part of this game is its story. The conclusion of the game just features a thrilling treasure. This has the potential to change the universe of Borderlands forever.

What happened to Players of Borderlands 3?

Boderlands 3
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The disappearance of Watcher during Borderlands 3 just makes no sense. Giving too much importance to a character during the pre sequel does not seem to be satisfactory. It may serve as a wild cart entry through the plot of the game.

Watcher protects villains and intimidates heroes too. But it doesn’t seem to harm any character in the game. Watcher is last observed during a face-off against Lilith in the game.

He utters something like the phrase “War is coming, and you are going to need cell vault as much as you can get.” This seems to be the building block of the next extension of the game initially.

But seems like production completely ignores this character. There is nothing that mentions Watcher at any point in the game.

Seems like Gearbox just trying to avoid Watcher moment at any cost. The exclusion of Watcher and Athena clearly points towards this fact.

Just a disappointing thing for regular gamers and followers of Borderlands. It just breaks the heart of people who were expecting a sequel storyline of the game.

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