Apex Legends Season 7: New update makes the game much more interesting !

Apex Legends Season 7 Updates: Recently Apex Legends Season seven marks its release and players too are loving this new extension of Apex Legends. The main reason behind this love is the enormous amounts of additions in the seventh season of the game.

Apex Legends season 7 initially drops players onto a beautiful Olympus map. The new Legend Horizon brings a haunting backstory end and some non-gravity elements.

These surely seem to radically influence the gameplay of Apex Legends. Nobody can drop this fact that the seventh season has some different vibes. It’s another feel to witness trident vehicles zipping around players just launching into air through Horizon’s tactical.

Best updates in Apex Legends Season 7 : 

The introduction of the Olympus map offers new areas to explore. This map offers an aesthetically pleasing environment, something out of the box. During the game, Replicators receive some tender love and care. Guns seem to be removed from the crafting pool.

But now players cannot take items crafted by another player for five seconds. This surely prevents teammates from stealing and looting weapons and tools. Which was a common practice during the last season of the game.

Image Source: GameRevolution

Bangalore this time gets some small but much anticipated ultimate improvements. Rolling Thunder just explodes in six seconds in opposition to eight. Watson too have some update, her perimeter fence just have an increase from 10-15 damage per touch. Lina previously seems to be struggling to capture player attention and interest.

So her utility is improved this time. Addition to this, now there will be no limit or restrictions on ammo she will gather Black Market.

Pathfinder to have some exceptionally devastating needs during the sixth season of Apex Legends. The grappling hook’s distance will have an improvement with a decrease in steep cool down to thirty seconds.

Lastly, there are some updates and additions in audio during season seventh of Apex Legends. The production has made some major advancements in footstep audio.

This will seem to be a much more realistic and thrilling experience. So the new launch Apex Legends Season seven worth a playing experience. For more updates on the gaming and technology world, just stay tuned. Have a frequent visit.

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