Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 Trailer: Will Chandra Wilson leave the show- Click to know

Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 Updates: 17th season of Grey’s Anatomy is currently on its way to land on the screens. The makers of the show release a small official trailer which witnesses a few glimpses of the upcoming season.

The audience will come across these pandemic conditions. In addition to this, the short clips give a clue regarding the danger of the prominent characters.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 17: Is Chandra Wilson really leaving the show : 

As confirmed by ABC and the production team season seventeen of Grey’s Anatomy will land on screens on 12 November 2020. Season sixteen of this show ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ just face several cuts.

All the cuts in episodes just to make the season short because of pandemic times and several halts in production. Till now there is not much reveal or confirmation regarding the 17th season.

The audience and fans have to wait for the next trailer to reveal some additional facts and the future of Grey’s Anatomy. This tease depicts the impact of a pandemic on doctors more than anything. The available one-minute long clip witness a number of moments. Some of the previous crises with which characters manage to deal with.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 17
Image Source: Daily Express

One of the sight, witness Bailey in hospital on the bed. She is witnessed with Levi Schmitt in a worrying twist. She was also seen during a tiny trailer with a mask on her face. It just looks worst to wear.

In addition to this, a number of main characters represent looking tearful with Teddy Altman. Seems just crying outside the hospital doors. During a voice-over, Ellen Pompeo’s Meredith Grey comes up with an ominous message. “What we are up against, how is unlike anything that comes before.

At times it seems like there is no end in sight. We will not stop fighting, we will not stop feeling. Because sometimes we all need saving.”

These things leave some fans and audience worried about the future. The thing is, will Bailey hold for the rest of the show. One who is one of the longest starring characters of the show.

Just do not forget to watch the upcoming thrill and entertainment that is arriving on 12 November 2020. For more updates on Grey’s anatomy, just stay tuned to us and frequently visit.

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