Destiny 2: Where is Xur this week? Locaction and What Is He Selling?

Destiny 2 Updates: The game “ Destiny” is one of the upcoming video game and was developed by Bungie. This video game was directed by Christopher Barrett, Luke smith, and Ryan Ellis. Players are eagerly waiting for the new version.

The entire game was designed by Del Chafe 111, M.E. Chung, Tyson Green, Sage Merrill, Chris Opdalh, and James Tsai. People loved this game very much.

This game was written by Jason Harris and Christine Thompson. I hope these scriptwriters will be made this game in an extraordinary manner.

Destiny 2 Where is the Location?

There were so many specialized weapons such as Xur and this make a return in the game. Destiny 2 players are eagerly waiting for the new weapons and they are surprised to see Xur appear again.

There were so many exotic items for sale due to Xur’s appearance. By this weekend, players will also receive some unexpected surprises.  Players are much interested in destiny 2 Xur location.  Let us see all updates about this game.

Where is Xur this week?

Image Source: Republix World

Destiny 2 players are waiting for the new arrival of Xur’s return to Nessus because with him comes exciting chances to get weapons and other exotic items for sale. To find the Xur location in this game, first spawn in at the local landing zone and go to the right portion.

Now you will find the hanger on the wall in front of you, then straight and find a drill. After finding the drill, take left and make your way to a cave inside the mountain.

Finally, go straight to Xur and buy what he is selling.  This was the procedure to reach the Xur location.

What is Xur selling in this week?

Xur will be having a single weapon and has armor for each class.  By this time, he has the Queenbreaker, lucky Raspberry, Duemarchers, and gateway artist. Let us see the new items after meeting the Xur location.

The Queenbreaker- Heavy Linear Fusion Rifle for 29 legendary shards

Lucky Raspberry- Hunter chest Armor for 23legendary shards. There were also so many items in that location. Let us play the game and find more weapons.


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