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Destiny 2 Forsaken campaign will be removed next year.

Destiny 2
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Destiny 2 Updates: When The Witch Queen launches next year, Bungie has announced how much of the Forsaken expansion for Destiny 2 will be vaulted.

The Forsaken campaign, the Tangled Shore location, and the majority of Year 4’s seasonal content, including the fan-favorite Presage and Harbinger objectives, will be removed from the game on February 22nd, 2022.

Bungie noted that not all Forsaken content will be removed from the game, with the Dreaming City destination, Last Wish raid, Shattered Throne dungeon, and accompanying Strikes surviving, as well as Year 4’s Proving Grounds strike and Battlegrounds.

“We’ll have the room we need to launch The Witch Queen expansion and its new Throne World location, as well as additional features like weapon customization, by vaulting this content.” crafting, the new Legends difficulty campaign option, the new Glaive weapon archetype, and all the extra features we have planned for the four new Seasons starting in February,” Bungie explained in a blog post.

Bungie has announced that the Forsaken campaign will be free to all players from December 7th until the arrival of the Witch Queen and that a ‘Forsaken Pack’ will be made available for gamers to access any surviving content – such as Last Wish and Shattered Throne, as well as Year 2 Exotics – in the future.

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General manager Justin Truman acknowledged plans to vault elements of Forsaken in an interview with Eurogamer earlier this year, citing previous uncertainty with character Uldren (who has a key role to play in Forsaken) as a cause to “curate” what stays in Destiny 2.

“I believe that, in the same way, that we don’t want eight raids, we don’t want five separate competing narratives that a new player might start playing, and in other cases, we don’t want five separate competing tales that a new player might start playing.” Of them, he’s a horrible man, and it’s not apparent if you’re playing them out of sequence.”

Bungie said the plans helped offer “a tremendous lot of technological ‘breathing room’ that the team has devoted to important improvements to the Destiny experience” when they removed five destinations, seven strikes, 11 Crucible maps, and five raids from Destiny 2 in late 2020.

Bungie has also reintroduced things with the entrance of the ‘content vault,’ with the Cosmodrome and Vault of Glass returning this year, as well as promises to add another raid, From Year 5 onwards, two Crucible maps from Destiny 2 and one from the original Destiny will be available in the game.