Money Heist Season 5: Was Nairobi Pregnant before she died?

Money Heist Season 5 Updates: La Casa de Papel aka money heist has seen a tragic death in its four seasons so far, but one of the most brutal has come in its fourth season.

Nairobi was killed shot dead by Gandia after she healed from her first gunshot wound. fans have now realized that there may be a very sad aspect to his story.

Just before her death in the fourth season of Money Heist, it was revealed back to her how much she wanted a child. After sacrificing her first son, she spoke to the Professor about wanting to have another child.

She held him in a corner until she reached the second heist, asking if she would give birth to her baby. After the initial hesitation, the Professor agreed and they made plans to have a baby after the heist.

Nairobi was over a month old and decided that the baby would be named Ibiza according to the local names all the characters have.

Money Heist Season 5: Was Nairobi Pregnant

Money Heist Season 5
Image Source: Film Daily

Sadly, his character was killed before this could happen. But now some fans have seen a clue that she may have been pregnant in some way. The trail came to the scene at the end of episode six.

just a saying of how much Nairobi wanted the baby, rather than actually getting pregnant. If you look closely you can see that maybe Nairobi is pregnant and that’s because that was her only wish.”

She appears to be holding her belly. So I wonder if, was she pregnant in some sense?

“ Nairobi got pregnant before the Royal Mint heist? Then what happened to the child?

“Maybe a mere tribute to the future of the Toledo gang some fans have pointed out that this is not a real flashback scene but was seen as post-mortem imagery.

Money Heist will soon return with its fifth and final season on Netflix.

The series was recorded a few months ago before its return to the screens.

Money Heist 1-4 money seasons are available for streaming on Netflix now.

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