Money Heist Season 5 Finale: Will Tokyo be caught by the police?

Money Heist Series is coming to an end with its fifth season. We still have to know if Tokyo be caught by the police or not? The show La Casa de Papel will end soon and Netflix reveals the final season of the popular drama. As the drama is coming to a conclusion, fans are speculating the theories of ending. One of them is about the fate of Tokyo. Know the details below.

Will Tokyo be captured by the police in Money Heist Season 5?

The fifth season of this Spanish series is confirmed to end this year. But there’s a lot to unveil yet.

Money Heist

Though it’s not much revealed about the final moments’ fans are curious about the fate of Tokyo. Tokyo is the character played by the Ursula Cobero in the show and is playing a major part.
Since she has been the narrator of the story from the beginning, as a result, viewers are wondering if she could relay the story from a future point of view. It is still to see if she’s alive and doing all this from prison.

What fans have to say?

Fans are still wondering about Tokyo and suggesting their theories about the tasks left for Tokyo and the team members to impart.

A fan says Tokyo to get caught by the police, and follow a plan Paris thing that may explain Tokyo narrating. In the final outing, the crew will attempt to reach out to Bank of Spain which they have been doing for the past two seasons. So when the season ends, some of the team members might get caught by the Spanish Policia.

However, some fans disagree about why she voices the series, stating that she might be the only member who survived until the end. While the other says that it might be simply a story decision and there are no such big revelations behind it.

Despite the fact that the show is coming to an end, fans are still willing to extract the gist of the show. You can watch the Money Heist Season one to four which is available on Netflix now.

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