Supernatural Season 15 Episode 16: What is Sam & Dean’s Past?

Supernatural Season 15 Updates: The 15th season of Supernatural went on air recently. This season is the last season of the Supernatural series. But the end kept us anticipating whether there is another secret weapon hidden in the series or not?

Approaching towards the previous episode of the show, The Winchesters meet up with Amara, Chuck’s sister. Although the siblings ended the things between them in a cordial manner, it was Chuck’s plan behind all this.

He planned to clean the slate that means Amara couldn’t stay away for a long time. The show-runner Andrew Dabb told EW, “She will find herself pulled back in, just kind of inevitably”.

At the end of Season 11, we saw Amara deciding on coming back to her brother and resolving the issues between them. But the question that arises here is, is she really coming to solve the things, or is she up to something we are unaware of?

Supernatural Season 15 Sam and Dean’s Past

  • The 15th episode of season 15 of Supernatural called “Gimme Shelter” involves Castiel and Jack working on a case, and Sam and Dean moving in the search of Amara.
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  • The 16th episode of season 15 will take Sam and Dean to a flashback when they’ll get the responsibility to investigate a murder case of their childhood friend. They will come past certain memories from their past involving a motel.


  • In the 17th episode of the show, Jack and Dean will start moving in search of Chuck to beat him. Whereas; Sam and Castiel stay behind to find the answers to questions for themselves.

This attitude of Winchesters shows that they are never willing to give up, and they are capable of fighting their own battles.

There are more episodes of the series, which are ready to come up. We don’t know how much twists and suspense is packed up for us in the upcoming episodes.

You can have a look at the teaser of ‘Exhaust’ and see whether you get an idea regarding the upcoming episodes or not. Comment your thoughts about the upcoming episodes of Season 15 of Supernatural.

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