Ellen DeGeneres’ Talk Show Is Facing big setbacks on ratings know why?

Ellen DeGeneres Updates: With the noble pandemic setting in, the season has been quite intricating for people all around the globe. The same has been true for Ellen DeGeneres.

Various serious setbacks had to be faced by Ellen and her staff when many of her former employees started complaining about the workplace being toxic. They complained of sexual harassment,  assault, and misconduct from the top-level executives.

This process led to the ousting of two executive producers and one co-executive producer. Still, the aftermath of the incident has been quite unpleasant, resulting in The Ellen DeGeneres Show, suffering a huge rating crisis.

Despite the very fact that Ellen had not hidden anything from the public about the mishap, it still seems that the fans are ready to eliminate the show, which has been airing for a long time. Since the summer there has been a drop of around 38% of her rating in the episode of 2019.

Ellen DeGeneres’ Talk Show Rating Setbacks

Apart from all these, a good number of viewers again turned up to witness what Ellen had for the first show. As anticipated by the viewers, Ellen did talk about the preset allegations and also stated that she is not that nice s she seems.

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As a result, her ratings from premiere week to week two of Season 18,  dropped by 11%.  It might not sound very abhorrent, but as a result, the series was left with a rating of 0.8, which is its lowest rating to be recorded as well as 56% below its comparable week in 2019.

Tough times for Ellen had set in the middle of July. The time when innumerable employees came forward with the dark stained allegations of sexual harassment and assault.

This led to investigations on the allegations, the moment it reached the public ears. Soon after that, executive producers Ed Glavin, Kevin Leman, and co-executive producer Jonathan Norman were ousted from the talk show.

Even though Ellen took charges of whatever wrong happened in the show and promised that such bad incidents won’t repeat themselves in the future, not many fruitful results have been observed.

It just seems that the huge fan following just cannot fathom with the promise of fidelity and just don’t want to stick around anymore.

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