Dog the Bounty Hunter Promises to Bring Controversies on Dog Unleashed- Click to know

Dog the Bounty Hunter Updates: Duane Chapman or commonly known as Dog is the one who never hesitates to make a stir. The Dog, the bounty hunter star only reveals the ante when it arrives on its new show ‘Dog Unleashed’.

This will premiere on reality star’s new streaming service Unleashed ! will land out in 2021. During an interview before the reveal of the new movie “Hunter’s creed ” the bounty hunter reveals that he and his fiancée Frane are ready. They are already filming the first episode of the show that is expecting a bunch of controversies.

During Dog Unleashed, Chapman and his bounty will surely be presented and will witness tracking down some of the most dangerous criminals. These criminals are running from the law and most of them. are rapists, murderers, child molesters. After various families from all around the country reach to them.for their help.

Fans and audience will surely witness their favorite family  Baby Lyssa, Bonnie Chapman, Leland. Meanwhile, Greg will join them too, he is an expert hunter with a specialization in chasing techniques.

Image Source: Taste of Country

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Chapman

Even Frane will join her husband too during this dangerous quest. Chapman stating all types of criminals they will chase reveals “The world is getting more dangerous not only because of COVID but with a justice system that is bowing down to these people.”

Chapman somewhat seems to have a softer side towards his new series as well. Revealing that after Frane talked him for revealing their wedding in public in favor of family and just close friends. She agrees to have a ceremony just because fans may celebrate along with them. This can be considered as some sort of wedding special.

Now it will be intersting to witness his hunting skills over criminals. He along with his family will return soon to entertain you and create awareness regarding crimes and criminals.

Though this release is also facing some delays because of the Corona pandemic and global lockdown just like other productions do. But we are expecting some news from Chapman and family soon because they cannot remain away from fans for too long. Will keep you posted with every detail that arrives.

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