Big Brother: Dr. Will Kirby’s Net Worth?

Big Brother Updates: Big Brother’s Dr. Will Kerby is the most legendary player of all time. His diary rooms are appointed of attraction but then to audience loves him for his way of being a villain.

However, it’s not such that he is the only successful player of Big Brother. But the thing is he is a successful person outside the show too.

Many fans and audiences consider season two as the real beginning of the show. As it gave the show a theme that it currently follows. Dueing season 2, the whole Big Brother’s house turned against Kirby and his friends and allies.

At that time he has an alliance with Shannon Drago and Mike Malin. The three of them have the best and iconic alliance ever in the history of Big Brother. However, that alliance did not last long and Malin and Dragoo had to leave early.

But meanwhile, Kirby manages to survive through sneaks and was season 2 of Big Brother. Kirby with his sharp mind, making deals and moves to step up towards victory. When Kirby won he shares the game plan during an interview.

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“The strategy was basically in two parts. One includes purposely losing in every competition so that he may be considered as a weak participant. If one is weaker nobody tries to vote him out.

The other part is to be hated by everyone. Though this will not help in the initial game but plays important role in a crucial point of the game. The stronger players thing to take you to finals so that they can defeat you and have an easy victory .”

Dr. Will then again returned in season seven of Big Brother and since then he is a frequent part of the show.

Currently In Big Brother Season 22 :

The current cast of the show gets mixed reactions from the audience. Just because of the return of some of the old players in the house. The twist arrives in the show when Julie Chen Moonves announces that legend Will has moved into the neighboring house.

Just to shake up the things well. Now it will be interesting to witness the influence of this legend on the current season.

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