Lucifer Season 6 Filming begins Showrunner Announced and Much more to know

Lucifer Season 6 Updates: LUCIFER executive producer has made a statement with a notice on the arrival of season five, a part of that season six filming has started. Lucifer fans were overexcited when the beginning of season five landed on Netflix in August.

The shooting of the latest series was delayed by the coronavirus pandemic but Netflix gears up to release the episodes as soon as possible rather than making fans wait for a longer. Well, there is been a clue left behind for the season six production.

Tweet that made million hearts a Day

The executive producer tweeted about the progress of the shooting on twitter sharing” Today is our first day of shooting #Lucifer season 6!

Lucifer Season 6 Fans from the heart

Lucifer  Season 6 fans wished Joe and the crew luck as they started work on the end season.

One tweeted:” So happy to hear that season five is finished filming and can’t wait to see the great season finale!

“I know with all the new safety measures it’s not easy for cast and crew to complete the shoot with all efforts and hard work and also wishing the best for season six.”

Image Source: Republic World

These loads of love is such a blessing for the Lucifer team.

The first episode of season six will be produced by Kevin Alejandro who plays Detective Dan Espinoza. This is not the first time about his off-camera after one of the season three episodes which aired after the show was originally shot.

He was also a part of filming one part of the fifth season which directed a was between Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and his twin Michael (Tom Ellis).

Coming to the part behind camera Kevin said: “it was always been a fabulous moment for me as being an actor my first love is also acting but other than that I even got to go with my other passion and never thought I would be discovering this much”.

Kevin has really been lucky enough to be surrounded by champs of the show. And also flew with the wings open on Lucifer!

The crew and cast have really supported him and stood up to him and that’s the instinct where he got another chance to shoot and make a pretty well move to season six.

Wishing all luck and health during the shoot and hope we get our package of LUCIFER-THE END very soon.

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