Lucifer Season 6 Behind the Scenes Video Revealed the First day of Filming and Latest Updates

Lucifer Season 6 Updates: Lucifer is back in production with some changes Deadline hinted that Lucifer is back in production for the first time since March when the series halted production in the wake of the pandemic Of Covid-19. Now the cast and crew members are about to finish up season 5B and begin shooting season 6.

Now that they have returned to shoot, a few new systems are in place to guard against COVID-19. Wearing masks, onsite testing, and safety tools to measure social distancing are some of the procedures the Lucifer team implemented to prevent the spread of the virus.

These protocols are front and center in a video that Lucifer star Aimee Garcia shared on Social Platform Twitter.

Garcia gave Twitter followers a video sneak peek of the Lucifer production set on the first-day off-season 5B. The star tweeted the rare content, which was edited together by a different third party.

“OK, yall, it’s day one. How do you feel, Kev?” Garcia kicked off the behind the scenes with her Lucifer co-star, Kevin Alejandro. “I am shaking in my mask right now,”. Alejandro before confessing, “We are waiting for our COVID-19 test results.”

Image Source: ShowbizCheatSheet

Garcia replied that “I have already got the negative result.” Seated outdoors, the masked duo squeezed into the video frame of the camera, which was presumably a smartphone in front camera mode. “Look how close she is to me,” &  Alejandro chuckled.

Next up in the onset video, Garcia highlighted her bright red, 6-ft social distancing stick is the courtesy of the production crew. As she walked behind Lucifer’s Rachel Harris on the backlot, she held the rod out in front of her, proving that she was indeed keeping a safe social distance.

Netflix renewed the series for the fifth season of 16 episodes & the first half being released on August 21, 2020. The fifth season was initially reported to be the last But on June 23, 2020, Netflix officially renewed the series for a sixth and final season of ten episodes.

Simultaneously with the release of the first half of Season 5, an official soundtrack was released by Water-Tower Music, containing  cast recordings from all five released seasons

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