The Suicide Squad: John Cena and Idris Elba are Teaming up for the movie

The Suicide Squad Updates: In the year 2021, John Cena and Idris Elba are going to debut in the DC Extended universe. ‘The Suicide Squad’ with Elba playing Bloodsport and Cena as a Peacemaker. But do not worry this is not only the project in which they will witness together.

Recently there is news regarding their boarding in a new project called Heads of State. Till now any details regarding ‘Heads of States’ are in wraps and nobody is revealing anything. But if we follow our sources for the information it can be a “90’s style two-hander”.

That can feel like Air force one meets Hobbs and Shaw with Idris Elba and John Cena sharing screens. So here, bringing to you some of the information and details till now available on it.

Suicide Squad: About ‘Heads of State ‘, upcoming project :

Image Source: CinemaBlend

Producer Peter Safran, who is in a team of The Suicide Squad’ feels strongly about Elba and Cena’s chemistry together. Some of our sources also confirm that Amazon studios are working on the project ‘Heads of State’ and Elba and Cena are in contract with. Till now there is no disclosure regarding the movie or its release.

Nothing is clear about the platform of release too, will the movie be only available on Amazon Prime? Considering and keeping in mind the popularity and fanbase of Elba and Cena there is large-scale desperation for the project. According to a leak, Harrison Query is writing the screenplay for the Heads of State but the name of the director is still in dark.

Amazon reports move quickly to snag Heads of State as a project in work by Harrison Query. So expecting that the upcoming project will have great potential. It’s something that worth mentioning that Cena will reprise the role of Peacemaker in an HBO max series.

Only this much of the news is available till now from our sources. So just keep waiting for the arrival of any new information or update on the upcoming movie.. And we will keep our reader up to date with every section of the news. Till then stay tuned.

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