Grey’s Anatomy Season 7 Trailer: Is Miranda in danger? Know every detail here

Grey’s Anatomy Season 7 Updates: Here we are going to declare good news! Grey’s Anatomy season 17 is almost back to ABC. The question here is, whether Miranda Bailey under danger?

Basically, the very trailer to season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy has now been released. Keeping in the view the present condition, it plots on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19. Hints are made as to, one of the members of the crew, is in grave danger of the lethal virus impact life in Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. But why so? Let’s read on to get some more clues.

Is Chandra Wilson about to leave Grey’s Anatomy as Miranda Bailey?

Airing instances, it will basically show cast Grey’s Anatomy and will also concentrate on crossover event and focus on COVID-19. The Stretch of each episode will be around 2 hours on the channel.

To the date, only this much has been revealed. You see we are not much clear about the plot until a new trailer is dropped once again, bring forth the other related aspects.

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Moreover, we will be able to witness, how this noble pandemic affected the doctors. Such horridly as never before. This is also going to bring before us, the struggle of the characters in dealing with the scenarios and moments from the former crises.

Most worries that the fans carry is about the new scenes which leave them flabbergasted as to what would follow next.

In one of the scenes, we can spot Bailey, down with an ailment, on a hospital bed. Along with we also see, Levi Schmitt (Jake Boreli) in a very different with a bothering twist.

In a short trailer, we can also see that she stays motionless on the bed, wearing a mask, on her face, looking so vulnerable at her condition.

Apart from these main attractions, we can also acknowledge other characters, Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) so poignant and tearful, looking so despondent, sobbing her heart out just outside the hospital doors.

Ellen Pompeo’s Meredith Grey had a piece of the menacing message. She tries to deliver that, Sometimes it perceives like, there is no stop to suffering and feeling as so we all need saving.

This message stresses viewers as to what will happen to Bailey next.

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Let’s anticipate Grey’s Anatomy back in November on ABC. Stay tuned!

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