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Here’s Why Among Us 2 Got Cancelled and Developers to focus on Among Us

Among Us 2

Among Us 2 Updates: The developers of “Among Us” has decided to stop and call off the development of the second part of Among us. This has been done so as to focus more on the development of Among Us, the original game. It was a hit murder, thriller game.

Bungie announced lately that it would not prefer to work on Destiny’s third part for more. Rather it would allow developers to give in all of their time and patience in nurturing and supporting the players in a loop for Destiny’s second part.

They have decided to totally call off Among us and pour all of their patience and support for Among US. With much zeal, they also reported that they would put all the features in Among Us 1 that had been planned to be involved in the second part.

Truly, it is an intricating part of the story! This requires the games to be redesigned once again. More patience and dedication will be needed to delve into the source code and changing or altering several parts of it. Putting in so many efforts together, they are really quite enthusiastic to introduce the game before everyone. All of their efforts do deserve to be credited. After all, it is not a kid’s play definitely!

Among Us 2

Among Us 2: Developers to Focus on Original Game

Moreover, let us know about the new expansion we are going to be credited with. Surprisingly, players can anticipate greatly to include new servers for arrive- in games, colorblind support, friends system, and a new stage.

It is to be noted that, the developers did not leave a promising date for it to hit the threshold. Never mind! It has stated that they are working on the servers with their hearts and souls in it. Also, much time is being lingered in the development process.

Not until, August 2020, was this game able to gain much love from the excited players. In spite of the fact that the game was launched in 2018, it could only reach the peak now. This year it experienced an aggregate download of around 50 million.

Obviously, we cannot ignore the fact that this game is such a user-friendly. Coupled with the prior stated fact, it is such an intriguing field where one can pick out as to who among them are the impersonators.

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