The Expanse Season 5 Theory: Know Who Is The Actual Villan 

The circumstances are very complicated with earth, mars, and belters. As any of them could be the probable villain in the 5th season The Expanse.

so who might be the real villain? This question arises from the science fiction world of The Expanse. Apart from humankind, there are neighbors planets with new forces of Mars, who no longer see themselves as colonists. Some are present on asteroids and celestial bodies as well. Known as Belters. These inhabitants have a distinct culture and hard lives, depicting the life of Earth and Mars.

The Expanse: What the Prior Seasons Possess

The 4th season of The Expanse revealed that high ranking individuals armed Marco on Mars, they were siphoning weapons to the free navy. Bobbie and Chrisjen are going to explore this conspiracy when the Expanse returns. The smuggled weapons come from mighty schemers of Martian Hierarchy.

The Expanse Season 5 Theory Know Who Is The Actual Villan 

The prime theme of The Expanse lies between good and corruption. The Protomolecule conspiracy from the early seasons in which agents from both the planets are collaborating with Jules-Pierre Mao which costed the lives of many. But there has always been an unclear Villain among earth, mars, and the belt.

Season 5 Of The Series and The Villain

In the 5 seasons of the Expanse, history can be repeated. The main villain could be Marco Inaros but he did not represent the belt completely, similarly, Mars’s involvement in the story doesn’t make them villains either. Bobbie’s story showed Mars as a society on the verge of falling apart while Martian urges to destroy Mars. Hence mars cannot be suspected as evil.

The three earth, mars, and the belts are capable enough to be on both sides as seen in previous seasons. Earth seems at a clean side in Season 5, with no sign of cooperation with Chrisjen’s side.
THE BELTERS are the radical villain of The Expanse SEASON 5 as they share connections with the traitor filthy intentioned Martians, but despite this, the remaining Belters and Martians are willing to stop them as much as Holden and his crew are.

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