Top 10 TV Shows Like The Orville Season 4, Includes Foundation And The Expanse!

The Orville Season 3 was released on 2nd June 2022, and since then fans are waiting for The Orville Season 4, however, there is no official info. But there is nothing to worry about as we’re here with the Top 10 TV Shows you must watch while waiting for The Orville Season 4.

Science fiction as a genre of entertainment has given us the best of amazing series and shows. And that’s the reason why The Orville is well-known series, especially related to its third season.

By forming a clear context with characters and plot, it has explored many darker themes. Coming to other science fiction that has given us the same vibes then there are many with almost the same stories and personalities as well as characters. So here are the 10 science fiction shows like The Orville.

Here is the list of Top 10 TV Shows Like The Orville Season 4:

For All Mankind – Number of Seasons 3

For All Mankind

The first season of For All Mankind released in 2019 has given us the best of all aspects of science. The character that was shown in the series became the key aspect which is almost similar to The Orville.

It focuses upon an alternate world related to space as well as American society and its culture. It becomes one of the best series that is present on Apple TV in terms of this particular theme.

Space Force – Number of Seasons 2

Space Force

Like The Orville, Space Force is also a mixture of many themes related to workplace comedy it is one of the best aspects of any science series that has similar references as its parent one. The story is related to the Armed forces and the way they cover their mission with their whole heart.

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Number of Season 7

Star Trek: The Next Generation

The show started in 1987 with the first season and ended well with the last one in 1994. Just like The Orville, one can also find the same pleasure in this show.

It is regarded as one of the best entries that are present in the franchise of Star Trek and the only reason behind it is the powerful performance of the actors. Apart from science, it also deals with politics ethics as well as the human condition.

Star Trek: The Original Series – Number of Season 3

Star Trek: The Original Series
Den of Geek

Next to Start Trek: The Next Generation is Star Track: The Original Series which was released in 1966. It is again one of the best science fiction that is presented in the history of entertainment.

The theme is mostly related to outer space that comes with questions of politics and many different issues present in America.

The Expanse – Number of Season 6

The Expanse

Starting in 2015 and ending in 2022 the show of Amazon Prime video remains focused on related to their characters. All the characters as well as the story remained in a great scope in terms of science fiction.

It has become one of the best in terms of not just science fiction but also politics related to the domination of the entire solar system.

Resident Alien – Number of Season 2

Resident Alien

The one that comes next is a 2021-driven series called Resident Alien which is about an alien who comes to earth and tries to destroy humanity.

In their mission of destroying humanity is soon started appreciating them which becomes a way similar to The Orville. Science and drama have become a mixture in this show which formed a traditional narrative approach.

Love, Death, And Robots – Number of Seasons 3

Love, Death, And Robots
The Spool

In addition to science fantasy, it also includes some comedy and horror elements. It belongs to the anthology subgenre of adult animation. Tim Miller worked on its development and narration.

One can easily watch this show on Netflix which comes with clear writing and shark images.

Futurama – Number of Season 7


Futurama is again one of the best science fiction entertainment that is present in the history of television. It is remarkable for its iconic animated series which became a fine venture.

It is related to a young man named Fry and several other characters who go around science fiction and its conventions. Being science fiction the show is very emotional revenue which comes with humor.

Future Man – Number of Season 3

Future Man
The New York Times

Not just one but all the series of Future Man stands well in a similar category with The Orville. It is a very funny series where the characters and stories both were appreciated by the audience.

But when it comes to carrying a heavy science fiction story then it loses its balance, however, it created great tension in the same fielding.

Foundation – Number of Seasons 1


Starting in 2021 through Apple TV, Foundation is a great science fiction that has many possibilities. It is very much of serious production if compared to the parent show.

One can see a heavy science fiction that is related to a group of characters struggling for Civilization and its collapse.