Ratched Season 1 All mysterious Unanswered Questions are here ?and Much more!

Ratched Season 1 Updates: Ratched, a Netflix Original has recently dropped its first season on the streaming giant. Netflix has also renewed the show for its second season.

However, the initial season has left the audience with a lot of unanswered questions. Here, we have answered a few questions to clear the air of doubt in the mind of viewers.

What did Louise, Edmund, and Charlotte do for three years?

Edmund was successful in evading capture after his second escape. Further, it becomes even more complex as he is traveling with Charlotte Wells. Wells is a victim of multiple personality disorder and gets sudden outbursts. Edmund has already murdered seven nurses in Chicago. Also, how did Louise meet Edmund and Charlotte? Betsy Bucket is, without a doubt, the only link between them. Both, Betsy and Louise disliked Mildred.

Ratched Season 1: What will happen to Mildred and Edmund?

It is visible that Edmund does not want to kill his sister. If he wanted to do so, he would have killed Mildred. However, he wishes to torture her by slaughtering innocent and random people and getting her attention.

Edmund is a lunatic and his madness changes its methods. At the termination of season 1, it was predicted that Edmund, Louise, and Charlotte are heading towards the border. However, he calls his sister and tells his plans of showing up after a few hours.

Mildred is having nightmares of reuniting with her brother. Hence, she is left shaken after his phone call. Further, she is also unaware that Louise is also with Edmund.

Will Mildred come back to Lucia State Hospital?

Mildred is assisting Edmund in his plans of taking revenge. She knows that someone has deceived her. However, to know who this person is, she has to revisit all her crime spots. Further, the hospital has a female doctor who is keeping a check on Mildred’s antics. Do you think this doctor is associated with Mildred’s past?

Will Mildred become a nurse?

Mildred is not a nurse in reality. She was scrapped-off from some training after which nobody did their due assiduousness when it came to her qualifications. This is the biggest damage one can do to her character as her profession is her main attribute. Your qualities in your profession could be debatable but the whole profession being debatable is wrong.


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