My Hero Academia: Chapter 285 title revealed and All the latest updates here

Since the release of the last chapter, the ‘My hero academia’ fans have been waiting eagerly for the release of the next

Sadly, as it has not been long since chapter 284 was released, there are currently no spoilers for the upcoming 285th chapter though the critical stage that the fight between the powerful antagonist Shigaraki and the pro-heroes reaches in this chapter can be quite engaging for the fans.

My Hero Academia: Chapter 285 Updates

A problem can be seen coming Deku’s way. His rivals seem to be used to his full-powered attacks by now and all the power he put into taking the most powerful villain down. It can be seen that all his power is squeezed out of him to defeat Tomura Shigaraki and save the heroes and citizens.

The upcoming chapter is most likely to be titled ‘Bakugo Katsuki: Rising’. Deku has learned by now that taking down Tomura is not a piece of cake as he has the power to regenerate and heal himself even after a massive attack. Tomura could be seen preparing himself for juicy revenge and hence, some really fiery battles are on its way.

The new chapter of the manga can be read online, free of cost on VIZ media and Shueisha’s Shonen Jump official website and platforms. It is highly recommended to read the manga from their official website and encourage the creators to write more interesting stories.

The new chapter i.e. 285th chapter is most likely to be released on 27th September. Hope the chapter lives up to our expectation.

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