Why Naruto has gotten weaker in its sequel? know every detail here

Naruto is an eponymic Japanese manga series having two one-shot manga written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. It was serialized in Shueisha’s magazine through its volumes running originally from 1999 to 2014  while being broadcasted on the TXN network for 5 years with its onset from 2002.

The English adaptation of the series aired on CW and YTV and the extension to this series;’Naruto: Shippuden’ dropped in Japan in 2007 featuring 500 episodes with many other movies and series coming out intermittently along the timeline.

The main spotlight is on ‘Boruto: Naruto’s Next Generations ‘ which was issued as manga series and later some anime and movie versions taking after it. The whole ‘Naruto’ legacy vastly focuses upon the development of all the characters through the years binding the viewers with the story.

Overview of the original series Naruto

This hit follows a young, delinquent Shinobi(a ninja) determined to have the recognition as the Hokage; village leader . He mastered the art of transforming into a naked woman but was yet to conjure the one clone good enough to graduate from Konoha’s training academy. Over the course of time, he overcomes his weaknesses, familiarizes with the ground-in demon fox in him, and how he needs to take both his allies and rivals along with him in the journey.

Why Naruto has gotten weaker in its seque know every detail here

The continuation of this story in ‘Boruto: Next Generation’ bound up with him approximately 15 years later. He who is already the Hokage of the village has now a family of his own(which he has never had before ). The follow-up pivots in his eldest son, Boruto taking his steps as a ninja, the new youngsters; who are the successors of most of the characters now protecting Konoha.

Presumably, Naruto now that he is the Hokage and had these years to train for whetting his powers was supposed to be more renowned by his thirties. But turns out so is not the case rather Naruto has weakened during this interlude. In the Seventh Hokage and Scarlet Spring, the confrontation with Shin, impaired him severely slackening his skills as found out by Kurama, Sasuke, and Hokage himself.

In this manga, Naruto picked up a strained fight with Kara member Delta before he got overpowered by Jigen and captured b, despite fighting alongside his longtime-rival-turned friend, Sasuke. Along with these two backstories, his relatively diminished powers might have other practical reasons. He is now superseded by the new protagonist, his son Boruto and had to dim his own powers for shaping up his son to be the next hero. However, Naruto has taken a hit now but he still remains unmatched among his contemporaries as he glorifies outgrowing the lopsidedness.

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