Venom: The Last Dance “Confirm 2024” Release Date!

The third installment of the Tom Hardy Starer Venom also titled Venom 3: The Last Dance series is all set to make a buzz on the internet thanks to the release date drop being shifted from November 8 to October 25, 2024.

The interesting thing to make headlines is that Venom is becoming a father figure to Peter Parker after trying to kill him. What we mean to say is that, despite Madame Web becoming an enormous failure, the future of this universe is highly dependent on how Venom 3 turns out.

Like any other Sony movie released since the inception of this cinematic universe, Tom Hardy’s Venom: The Last Dance is rumored to star Peter Parker/Spider-Man in some interesting way.

All About Venom 3: The Last Dance.

Venom 3: The Last Dance

Venom is rumored to take Peter Parker under his wing in a threequel. Peter Parker has had several father figures, including Ben Parker, Tony Stark, and Happy Hogan – and Venom is only speculated to appear as the new father figure.

This happens AFTER Eddie takes on Peter after having a vision of being killed by different iterations of Spider-Man.

However, this alleged issue will be a conflict after the duo of Eddie and his symbiote find out that Peter Parker is just a kid – and as a result, both take him under his wing and become a father figure to Peter.

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What’s the Buzz with the New Title?

Venom 3: The Last Dance

Venom has had 2 amazing movies in the past, but the third installment’s title has upset many symbiote fans.

That’s because of the name of the title ‘The Last Dance’ and how the name could have multiple meanings in the context – for one, it adds an element of finality to it, like finishing the hat which suggests that this might be Hardy’s final movie as Eddie Brock/Venom.

Fans also believe that if they want to go out on a high note, the last movie could see the duo deal with one last major threat which might even cost them their lives. Talk about dramatic.