Now You See Me 3 Filming Status and Everything You Need!

Now You See Me Part 1 and Part 2 are liked by almost everyone, and Fans are waiting for Part 3 of the movie and I’m one of them.

Originally when the news dropped in 2016, fans were left in a tizzy out of excitement. But that excitement soon fizzled out thanks to the immense delay.

Several years later, news of the third installment seems to again be making headlines. Here’s everything that we know about it!

The debut movie was a glossy thriller that involved an excellent team of magicians called ‘The Horsemen’ who were renowned for pulling off daring heists using their skills of illusion, hypnosis, and sleight-of-hand.

Now You See Me dazzled the world with its originally crafted concept, a strong ensemble cast, and basically, was an overall hit – despite what some critics had to say about it. The sequel found a similar type of success and before we knew it, a franchise was seemingly coming into play.

Now You See Me 3 Updates…?

Now You See Me 3

With so many years already down the line, a hopeful update has been given by the movie’s main star cast, Jesse Eisenberg.

When asked about the filming, he mentioned that it would hopefully be happening in the next six months, which sounds pretty terrific but it would be wise to wait for a definitive confirmation that mentioned the timeline of the film.

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The Good News is that the third movie is confirmed!

Now You See Me 3

Despite the long delay, we know for a fact that there WILL be a Now You See Me 3 and the announcement from Lionsgate is the first proof of the same being on the slate.

The confirmation comes with a hint as to what to expect in terms of direction – and Lionsgate promised that there was going to be a ‘big shift in tone’ compared to the first two movies.

Although the story details aren’t quite known to the public yet, the second movie did leave a few breadcrumbs here and there and we could expect that the franchise would pick up from those crumbs.

Ruffalo’s character is asked to take over the leadership of The Eye (a secret society for magicians) while offering that The Horsemen should join the society as well. The Eye would be giving an excellent opportunity to rake up a heist in the third movie!

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Who is the cast of the movie?

Now You See Me 3

The cast of the newest movie in the franchise is not confirmed but, likely, the star-studded cast ensemble including Mark Ruffalo, Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, and Dave Franco would be returning to reprise their roles. Isla Fisher was recast from the second movie, by Lizzy Caplan.

Daniel Radcliffe will be reprising his role and Morgan Freeman is expected to be in the third movie as well.