Travis Kelce Revealed His Nickname for Taylor Swift’s Father Scott Swift!

By this time, the whole world is aware of the love and romance between NFL star player Travis Kelce and arguably the world’s most popular singer Taylor Swift. The two love birds have been making headlines for the past five months and they look adorable together.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have expressed their love for each other several times till now and they have taken their relationship to a whole other level, from hugs and kisses after football games to family get-togethers during Christmas and smooching on New Year’s Eve, they are doing it all. The marriage bells are already ringing and rumours of engagement are already underway.

Travis Kelce Reveals Some Secrets About His Relationship With Taylor Swift’s Father Scott Smith.

Travis Kelce

The love and respect that two Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have for each other is truly admirable, but what’s most amazing about their relationship is the chemistry that they share.

Recently, Kelce sat on his brother Jason’s New Heights podcast and shared that Taylor’s dad Scott Kingsley Swift was friends with Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid before he knew him.

Kelce revealed that he has given a nickname to his girlfriend’s father and that is ‘Big Scott’, he has also given two nicknames to his girl Swift, and they are Tay’ and ‘Sweetie’, while he gets called ‘Trev’ by her girl.

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Super Bowl LVIII and Grammy 2024.

Travis Kelce
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The upcoming week is a special one for both Kelce and Swift, the two 34-year-old stars will be standing on the grandest stage of their respective field.

Taylor Swift has received six nominations for Grammy this year but unfortunately, Kelce won’t be present at the Grammy Awards this year, the Tight End will be preparing for his team’s next match with the San Francisco 49ers at the 2024 Super Bowl scheduled on 11 February and sadly Swift won’t be present in the stands this time because she has her show scheduled in Tokyo.

Nevertheless, the two will try their best to cheer each other up and we wish good luck to both of them.