Ryan Reynolds Starrer IF Official Teaser Trailer Released!

IF is about to arrive, a wildly inventive new movie from John Krasinski and Ryan Reynolds. The film follows Reynolds in a world where imaginary friends (IFs) are actual.

The footage shows part of the intriguing enigma surrounding IF, as a little girl realizes she has the power to see imaginary friends being abandoned by children they once helped.

We see it all, from a toasted marshmallow on its final breaths to a talking and walking teddy bear (hopefully not of the horror kind), dragons, sentient bananas, and dancing sunflowers in the IF clip. This film had a lot of fun with its fictional friends.

IF | Official Trailer

IF trailer begins with an ominous shot of Ryan Reynolds watching a gigantic purple monster come from a closet.

While Reynolds’ character tries to keep Cailey Fleming’s character from noticing the creature, she starts to see others, and they must embark on a journey to rescue the world’s disbanded imaginary friends.

The trailer offers a lot of details on the story & tone of IF. For example, the abbreviation in the name is the official phrase for imaginary friends and is pronounced like “if.”

As Reynolds and Fleming go further on their adventure, they will come across lots of weird Mary Poppins-esque realms as they find themselves opening up to more joy and wonder in their life.

It’s also apparent that Reynolds has returned with the same sardonic humor that propelled him to stardom in films like Deadpool & Red Notice.

This serves as an essential counterbalance to the imaginary pals, who have a much broader, kinder, and goofier humorous sensibility because of being born in children’s imaginations.

Although his character’s relationship to Fleming’s character is still unclear, the fact that he states that he lived alone at the start of the film suggests that the character is on a journey towards kindness and softness.

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The Cast and Crew of IF.

Rolling Stone

IF features an all-star cast of human and imaginary friends. The film’s human cast includes Ryan Reynolds, Cailey Fleming, & Fiona Shaw.

Krasinski’s old The Office co-star Steve Carell, his Quiet Place co-star and wife Emily Blunt, Sam Rockwell, Sebastian Maniscalco, Christopher Meloni, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Matt Damon, Maya Rudolph, Vince Vaughn,  Richard Jenkins, and Awkafina play the imaginary friends.

Liza Colón-Zayas, Louis Gossett Jr., Fiona Shaw & Bobby Moynihan round out the cast.

IF is scheduled to be released in theatres on May 14, 2024.