Dubai Bling Season 2 Trailer Is Out Now and It Looks Fantastic!

Following a thrilling finale to the first season of Dubai Bling, Netflix recently unveiled an official trailer for Season 2.

The fascinating reality TV series that gives you a glimpse inside the lives of some of Dubai’s wealthiest and most renowned individuals is returning this December, and the trailer looks spectacular. The show is a visual feast that shows the glitz and glamour of the affluent, from jaw-dropping houses to high-end clothes. 

Dubai Bling Season 2 | Official trailer

Netflix MENA recently released the official trailer for Dubai Bling Season 2. As the last season ended dramatically and the circle split apart, this one will begin just where the previous one left off.

Dubai Bling Season 2 trailer reveals the shattered friend group and which people picked sure sides, the stars who are so wealthy that they don’t even blink at the $5 million worth of jewelry on the table, and some of the trips we can see the group going on, and of course – the drama. The trailer teases what the show is known for, including love, ambition, heartbreaks, and betrayal.

Although nothing is known now, Netflix has stated that season 2 will be just as good as the previous season. “As we enter the second season of the Arabic reality TV sensation, Netflix is once again giving audiences an all-access pass to the lives of some of Dubai’s most affluent and extravagant personalities.”

“Dubai Bling, packed with glitz and glamour, will rekindle friendships, conflicts, and, of course, the compelling drama,” Netflix said in a statement.

Dubai is well-known for its iconic skyline, lavish resorts, and breathtaking scenery. Season 2 is anticipated to capitalize on the city’s splendor by taking viewers to more exotic locales.

From private beach parties to significant celebrations at the Burj Khalifa, the program promises a visual extravaganza that captures the spirit of Dubai’s charm and splendor.

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The Cast and Crew of Dubai Bling Season 2.

Dubai Bling Season 2

Thanks to the trailer, we know that almost all of our favorites are returning! In addition, a new friend has joined the Dubai Bling team. The following are some of the returning familiar faces:

  • Zeina Khoury
  • Danya Mohammed
  • Kris Fade
  • Ebraheem Al Samadi
  • Loujain Adadah
  • Lojain Omran
  • Hanna Azzi
  • Safa Siddiqui
  • Fahad Siddiqui
  • Farhana Bodi
  • DJ Bliss
  • Brianna Fade

Mona Kattan, co-founder and global President of Huda Beauty, has joined the Dubai Bling season 2 cast! Mona and her sisters Alya and Huda Kattan co-founded the company together. It will be fascinating to see what someone new brings to the world of this buddy group!

Season 2 of Dubai Bling will be released on Netflix on Wednesday, December 13, 2023.