With Love Season 2 Ending Explained.

Though With Love Season 2 still focuses on significant events in the lives of Lily, Jorgito, their parents Beatriz and Jorge.

Published: June 2nd, 2023 6:05 am | Updated: June 2, 2023 6:05 am

With Love Season 2 of the Prime Video comedy follows siblings Lily and Jorge Diaz as they face significant life changes and rely on their equally large family for support.

Though With Love Season 2 still focuses on significant events in the lives of Lily, Jorgito, their parents Beatriz and Jorge, their cousin Sol, her boyfriend Miles, Lily’s on/off boyfriend Santiago, Jorgito’s boyfriend Henry, and family friend Nick, the season feels less gimmicky in that we’re not finding random holidays to spend with these people.

Instead, there’s an actual connecting thread to Season 2’s journey, one that not only makes a lot of sense and seems realistic to where each character is in their life.

With Love Season 2: Why did Santi and Lily break up again?

With Love Season 2

Lily felt a sense of comfort and pleasure in their relationship after reconciling with Santiago. She was living in her brother’s apartment.

The flat got increasingly crowded as her brother Jorge and his lover Henry spent most of their time together, and their flatmate Nick had welcomed a new person into his life. Jorge ultimately asked Lily to leave and recommended she stay with their parents.

However, Lily found it quite difficult to live together with her parents, who had an extremely active s*x life. While Lily planned to marry soon, she wasn’t sure whether Santiago was on the same page as her.

Mrs. Delgado discovered an engagement ring that had slipped from a coat on Christmas night. Lily imagined it was Santiago’s coat and assumed he was about to propose to her.

Rather than proposing marriage, he asked her to move back in with him. Lily’s heart was broken yet again by this knowledge.

Santiago said that he loathed marriage. Both were more concerned with their principles than each other’s presence in their lives. As a consequence, they split up once more.

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Who Was Going To Propose On Christmas Eve?

With Love Season 2

Henry eventually had the guts to propose, presenting the ring in a dramatic gesture with the blessing of Jorge’s parents. Jorge Jr. and Henry’s love story grabbed the stage once they were engaged.

Jorge Jr. and Henry were strong and couldn’t fathom their life without one other. After all the preparation, festivities, and hurdles, they eventually tied the knot and swore to spend the rest of their lives together.

Their love journey ended with a lovely wedding reception.

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Did Murphy resolve issues with Sol?

With Love Season 2

Murphy had no strong sentiments about marriage but always respected Sol’s thoughts and desires. On the other hand, Sol made it apparent that they were happy with their current relationship.

However, several issues occurred in their relationship over Murphy’s viewpoint on queerness. He couldn’t just identify as a straight man because he wasn’t dating anyone anymore.

Although Murphy struggled at first to understand this notion, he finally realized that if loving and being with Sol meant him a queer person, so be it. Sol and Murphy’s Love flourished, and they discovered joy together.

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Who did Lily eventually marry?

With Love Season 2

At the end of the series, Santiago finally changes his mind, seeing that defying marriage’s cultural customs and traditions will leave him alone.

On the other hand, Lily had reached her breaking point with Santiago. Nick, a successful self-employed individual, became an appealing choice for her. Lily couldn’t stop herself from proposing to Nick.

On Jorge and Henry’s wedding day, Lily and Nick vowed they would soon be husband and wife.

Meanwhile, Santiago, carrying an engagement ring, stood back, disappointed with sorrow in his eyes.