Taylor Swift Fans warn the people who were chasing her in NYC

Taylor Swift fans are showing concern about the 33-year-old entertainer on Twitter, warning the people who are following her in NYC during her free time between two tours, which she is spending in New York.

Recently singer and performer Taylor Swift has been spotted by Just Jared in NYC, where she can be seen in a white shirt and black mini-skirt.

FYI, Taylor is spending her time in New York in between two tours. At NYC she was spending time with Jack Antonoff at Electric Studios. On Monday 22, May 2023 she was seen outside the studio in black mini-jeans and a white shirt.

She was looking fabulous in the dress and her bodyguards were trying to handle a large group of fans outside the studio when Taylor Swift headed towards her home.

A few fans started chasing the car in their vehicles, and they chase her to the garage and shared a few glimpses of the celebrity in various live videos.

In the pictures, you can see how fabulous she is looking in her dress.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift in NYC | Photo Credit Just Jared

The online trends started by the real fans of Taylor Swift who were warning the people who had chased her.

Some fans were saying “LEAVE HER ALONE”.

Few fans compared those stalkers “ZOO ANIMAL”

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One fan had even written:

These “fans” are ruining every piece of the relationship that Taylor has attempted to establish with us since day one of her career. Basic respect and safety are not topics of debate simply because she has a large following. If you are truly a fan of Taylor, leave her ALONE


Another fan has written:

“Taylor is one of the biggest celebrities right now she should expect-“ shut the fuck up. it gives you no right to stalk her and chase her car. if you all were real fans you would know she doesn’t like this & never has. she is a human & deserves privacy & respect. leave her alone